Ever wonder what tile to choose when designing your bathroom? It’s kind of an art really. Design, colors, and patterns joining together to give you that special feeling when you walk into your bathroom. So how do you do it? Where do you start? In this article, we give you the top 5 Tiles to choose from for your bathroom design.


Let’s start with the vanity that you have or just recently bought. Here at Atlantic Vanity Source, we offer the most elegant and top rated vanities that can transform and complement your overall design.


Atlantic Vanity Source Image Vanity


Generally, vanities fall into 3 categories. They are Modern, Transitional, and Traditional. Depending on which category you have, you can then start your design with the tiles and walls. Tiles made of either marble or travertine stone. These special stones give a stunning design. We have an amazing selection of the finest Marble and Travertine Tiles at Atlantic Stone Source.Bathroom renovation-Natural Stone products 


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So, without further a do, we begin our top 5 selected tiles with Polished Volakas Marble Tile. This marble tile is more for the modern vanity set. Volakas is a beautiful light marble that will brighten the bathroom and give off a good mood early in the morning.




It is polished so you must be careful not to get wet, it can be a little slippery. But this one is a must! It looks gorgeous and will give life to your bathroom.


Next, we have Naturella, this is a honed marble, light in color as well, just a little more beige. With a modern vanity set, this elegant marble will compliment a modern vanity set. Atlantic Vanity Source offers a ton of beautiful modern Vanity sets, you can visit the website here.



Ever wonder what a Transitional Vanity set looks like?


It’s sort of in between the other two really, easy to transport, and less committed to an extreme look. This vanity set is popular in a lot of homes really. We choose the French Pattern Brushed Silver Grey Marble stone,


Silver Grey Tile Atlantic Vanity Source

which gives off an amazing gray complexion that just looks stunning. It goes very well with any transitional piece as well. 



Traditional, this one has to be my favorite style of vanities and bathroom themes. Traditional vanities offer a more antique classic look. For this style, there are two particular stones that we selected.


72 inch traditional Vanity Image


The Venice tile completely compliments the traditional bathroom design. The off white color with all the elegant veins in the tiles goes so well with the curves of the Traditional vanity set. Next, we have the Frig Light stone. This one is a Travertine, not a marble. This is very good for wet floors, or potential slips/falls. Frig Light is in the tan/light color section, going very nicely with a brown or white traditional vanity set.



Venice Marble


These Marble and Travertine stones must be cared for as they are expensive and require some maintenance. These top 5 selected tiles can transform your bathroom and really impress guests! Visit our Atlantic Vanity Source site for vanities and more!