Beauty in Choosing 72-inch Vanities

72-inch Vanities are always a great piece to add to your master bathroom. This Vanity usually has enough space to make it very comfortable if you usually have a lot of accessories and products to place things on.

Yes, measurements must be taken, but once this vanity set makes it into your bathroom, the results are amazing! Extra room, more to look at, more drawers and cabinets, and a lot more color and design added!

Now, a lot of potential buyers usually get particular on which kind of 72-inch vanity they’re after. There are usually three kinds to choose from, although there might be more added to the table, usually, you’ll be choosing from modern, traditional, or transitional vanities. If you want something trendy and in the now so to say, you’ll want to get the modern 72 inch. 

72 inch Modern Vanity Image          This will bring a very millennial and current look to your bathroom. The traditional is for those who are a little old fashioned like me. They tend to come with a more rustic, or wooden design with a lot of beautiful curves on the edges and corners. 72 inch traditional Vanity Image

Maybe you don’t like either, that’s where the transitional come in. It takes a little from both worlds. They are easy to transfer and place into any bathroom, sort of an on the go vanity. 

Make sure when selecting your 72-inch, to look for specific details on the quality of the vanity. Things like how the cabinets and drawers open, the quality of the wood or the plastic that holds the vanity together, and even the color and how rich it looks in the paint quality.

At Atlantic Vanity Source, we provide 72-inch vanities, which you can come look at in our showroom. Couple that with beautiful and elegant marble tile, you’ll want to step into your bathroom just because! Stores like Atlantic Stone Source can offer great prices on Marble and Travertine Tiles to further add design to your walls and floor tile!

Go with your instincts and choose wisely, the 72 inch won’t let you down, if your bathroom is big enough, go for it!