The quality of the bathroom vanity you choose is important. How do the cabinets and drawers open? How does the quality of the wood or glass feel, or the top of the vanity where water will mostly touch? High quality vanities play a major role!

These questions will probably be answered in a showroom of vanities as you walk around and are looking at the selection in front of you. Traditional vanities are usually made of a very rich wood texture and one must be careful and treat it with a little maintenance from time to time. The transitional ones are not so much. There are a lot of great options out there and there are somewhere when as soon as you go to open up one of the doors, you will probably hear a creak or a screw starting to come out.

This is where you are putting your clean products in and on, where you depend on maintaining good hygiene. You want a vanity set that you can rely on. Here at Atlantic Vanity Source, we have top-notch vanities that will do the job! Come into our showroom and check out our selection. We ship free to all 48 continental states. Quality is key when it comes to selecting a vanity, choose with wisdom.