Most people decide to upgrade their bathroom and change their vanity set. Here at AtlanticVanitySource.com, we sell gorgeous vanity sets, all at low prices. We always get asked the question, will this look good stepping into the theme of our bedroom? When they do upgrade their vanity and the style of their bathroom, the room kind of transforms and can really take on a new look. People love brand new vanities for their bathroom, but will it transform the master bedroom into a continuous design flow, from the bathroom to bedroom, or will the change make them look worried. This might not seem like a big deal, however, most often people prefer to have a bedroom design move continuously into the bathroom space with similar colors and decorative pieces.

So some tips to consider are the following:

1. Play with some colors, if you are looking to unify the two rooms, that is the bathroom and the bedroom the bathroom is in, then be creative with color schemes. Do you have a white bedspread and blue headboard? Try using blue towels with white walls in the bathroom to invert the colors.

2. Create a similar style throughout the two rooms. If you are choosing a modern vanity set, go with a modern looking bedroom, the headboard, the draw set, the desk. At atlanticvanitysource.com, we have three categories of vanities. They are modern, transitional, and traditional. Each with its own color and design.

3. Open the Spaces – try bringing the tub, or entire bathroom, into the room. While some may look at this suggestion like your crazy, you can unite the spaces and choose to hide the toilet with a screen or glass at the same time. Getting rid of the walls and opening the space between the bedroom and bathroom, while defining the distinct areas, can create the unified look you may be seeking.

These are some examples of how you can create and merge a beautiful design out of two rooms, especially if it’s the master bedroom. Some folks think it is a necessity to create an even flow from the bathroom to the bedroom if it’s important to you try leaving a comment at the bottom.