So you’re curious as to how to clean a glass top vanity. Cleaning one can be easier than you think. You only need a couple of items and you’re on your way. In this article I will explain the proper way to clean this kind of vanity. Glass Top Vanities Sinks are more popular than ever from their modern look they give off. Here at Atlantic Vanity Source, we offer select glass top vanities at a very low cost.

So the first thing is of course, take everything off the counter, you don’t want soap container imprints left on the glass or hairbrush outlines. Clean everything off and gather a soft cloth and a mild soap like dish soap. You wouldn’t want to spray directly any harsh chemicals as it will harm things in the bathroom. You also do not want to spray any other material on the vanity beside the glass top. If you want to be extra safe, spray the cloth first and then proceed. When cleaning, you’re going to want to start from the outside borders and work your way in. Wipe down the glass top with your cloth in circular patterns making sure you get any fingerprints or streak marks off the glass. There are plenty of videos on youtube that show exactly how to do this if you are still curious at this point. Once the glass looks clean enough, take the other side of the cloth, this will be the dry part and wipe down any excess streaks and this just locks in the gloss that you will begin to notice. At this point, you can place all of your items back in place on the vanity. It’s ok to place bathroom accessories on the glass, but best practice is to buy special containers for anything that drips or leaks.

This method is the best way in my opinion because using a mild dish soap is cheap and very effective, it will assure you have the shiniest glass top vanity for years to come.

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