Bathroom Storage, it’s such a needed factor as you start to place all of your bathroom accessories and facial creams. Maybe you’re a guy like me who has a ton of shaving equipment and facial creams and lotions for the occasional beard I decide to grow out. Sometimes, these things either get misplaced and you forget about them, or you’re opening a shelf door and they all come toppling out at you as if they’re trying to attack you

Atlantic Vanity Source storage bathroom vanity sets


The point is with enough bathroom storage, life just seems easier. I would start with stepping back and looking at how much floor space you have in your bathroom, to begin with. Take a look at where your current vanity is and where the toilet is. Can you maybe squeeze a standing shelf in between the two? A better move is to look for a vanity that fits and solves your placement needs. At Atlantic Vanity Source, there’s a pretty good selection of vanities to choose from.

72 inch Modern Vanity Image

Once you have selected the proper vanity set, go ahead and restock everything. Mirrors are also an added bonus Atlantic Vanity Source gives you with the vanity set.

So go ahead, make the adjustment, make life a little easier for yourself. You’ll know where to put that hairdryer thats lying around, or the toothpaste that continues to get knocked over. Vanities are a great place to start with bathroom storage and organization, although I would also look at flooring tile and walls… Go to Atlantic Stone Source for beautiful designs to look at.   Atlantic Vanity Source Atlantic Stone Source Image Tile Bathroom Vanities