4 Things to Consider when Choosing Bathroom Vanities

New bathroom vanities are a great way to upgrade bathroom looks. Apart from improving your bathroom’s look it can also double up in functionality with its customized look and give you better storage. However, there are important factors you ought to consider when choosing a new bathroom vanity for your existing bathroom. The following four considerations will come in handy.

Size matters

When choosing a vanity bathroom you will want to consider the size of the bathroom. Check to find out the items in your bathroom that can fit your vanity. You may have to change your lighting because chances are that your current lighting were centered to fit your current vanity size. Making any adjustments in size means that you have to change the lighting system to match. You will also need to choose a vanity whose size will not interfere with the opening and closing of your toilet door. When considering dimension remember that, the height can always be adjusted but the width has to fit your existing space.

The number of sinks

For any vanity, sinks make the most significant feature. You need to choose a vanity with the number of sinks that you require for your situation. If you have a bathroom that is used by a lot of people then choose a vanity with two sinks but also remember that this may require a large size. Make your estimates carefully. Also, do not forget your counterspace needs. If you need more counterspace, single sink vanities are the best.

Choice of mounting style

The style and layout of mounting you select will have a significant impact on the storage spacing. Most people go for freestanding mounting styles that resemble a chest of drawers. There are other styles including corner mounted and hanging styles. Whatever you go for depends on whether or not you want to maximize the bathroom space.

Fixture styling and customization

Once you have the style and size figured out, what is left is customizing the bathroom. This includes choosing appropriate materials for the faucets and other areas. You may also want to achieve a certain setting say contemporary, modern or rustic. This aspect depends on your personal preferences.

Settling for a vanity choice can be challenging even with the best guide. When the pressure seems too much the hiring, an expert is the best option.